Emil Ronning

dumpster diving at night - smiling man looking into a dumpster

Dumpster diving! The rise of the freegan (part 1)

‘Freeganism’ is a relatively new concept to a lot of us, but for Ailuna’s outdoor and alternative living guy, Emil, it’s something he’s been immersed in for a while. In this post, he explains what dumpster diving is (and whether it’s even allowed!)

Deserving the peak – how to participate in Friluftsliv

In the previous article, we looked at what friluftsliv is and why we need it – and I believe we
need it more so than ever. Now, you might have read the previous article and wondered why I didn’t go into details
about what activities comprises friluftsliv. That is entirely by design, because I believe that it
is not as important what you do, but how you do it. Read on, for the all-important “how”.

person in a red hooded coat in a snowy scene smiling with walking poles

Friluftsliv – what is it and how can it help us?

Over the past few years, a group of Scandinavian words has escaped the region’s borders and made themselves known to the rest of the world. Words like hygge, smorgasbord and
all of the nonsensical IKEA names have crept into mainstream media.
Friluftsliv is one of those words and is – like hygge – much more than just a word.