What is the Green Claims Code and how can it affect your business?

The UK Government developed the Green Claims Code back in 2021 and, although the initial chatter about it has died down, the laws of the code have not. Find out more about the Green Claims Code here, and how it might affect your business, whatever its size.

Is “sustainability” the new mindset? Part 2

Ailuna’s Product and Impact Strategy Advisor, Renée LaPlante examines “sustainability” and explores whether it’s becoming the new mindset for everyday life. Read part 2 of this 3 part series here.

5 ways to support the well-being of your employees

Through actively taking action towards providing support for your employees’ well-being, you can foster a culture that not only makes the people within it feel good, but will also help your business to thrive.

From bread to beer: the story of Toast Ale

This week we’re telling the story of Toast Ale, a change-making business that aims to save 1 billion slices of bread and halve bread waste by 2030.

The rise of the sharing economy

What is the sharing economy, what are some examples and how can adopting a sharing approach to living have a positive impact?