Habit Building

How the cost of living crisis is forcing people to rethink sustainability

Sustainability might seem like the last thing on anyone’s minds, but what the cost of living crisis is proving is that sometimes the most cost-effective way of living is also the most sustainable one. Here are a few ways the cost of living crisis is making people behave more sustainably – and it might even give you a few ideas about how to save money, too.

Is “sustainability” the new mindset? Part 2

Ailuna’s Product and Impact Strategy Advisor, Renée LaPlante examines “sustainability” and explores whether it’s becoming the new mindset for everyday life. Read part 2 of this 3 part series here.

Quotes about habits

Explore Ailuna’s list of inspiring quotes about habits and building good habits. Perfect for your next Instagram caption.

10 books about building habits

Here at Ailuna, we love helping you build habits that are good for you and for the planet. We call them “habits with impact”. We’ve compiled a list of 10 books about building habits that we love.

Habits with impact: the Ailuna “Buy nothing new” dare

The Ailuna featured dare series explores the issues that have inspired each of our dares, along with some facts and simple tips to get started. This time, we’re featuring Rosie & Ruth’s “buy nothing new” dare.