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Why we all need more good news in our lives

We’re delighted to be publishing this guest post from Grant Brown, founder of Happy Eco News, on all the reasons why we need to step away from the bad news and embrace the good.

low-waste skincare routine ideas

Low-waste skincare routine ideas from real people

At the end of a busy day, it can be hard to be mindful of the impact our skincare routine has on the environment. Here, we share the real-life low or zero waste skincare regimes of a group of people, to help inspire us to make a few little changes to our everyday routine.

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How to make your clothes last longer

Making sustainable buying choices when it comes to clothes is great. But the most green way to approach our wardrobes is to make sure the clothes we already have last as long as possible. Here’s how…

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Eco-friendly manicure ideas for a greener nail care routine

From fake plastic nails to toxic chemicals, our nail care routine can pose risks to our health and to the environment. We’ve put together some ideas to help you keep your nails looking and feeling great, without such a big impact on the environment.

second hand september - shop selling second hand good including guitars and furniture

Second Hand September: Pre-loved shopping for more than just clothes

Second Hand September is a campaign by Oxfam that encourages people to buy second-hand clothing for a month or more. But what if you already buy all your clothes second-hand and you still want to participate? Go beyond clothes shopping with our Second Hand September ideas.