Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Alternative advent calendars

Looking for an alternative to the usual chocolate and plastic-filled advent calendars? We’ve got ideas for adults, children and even your pets!

sustainable clothes for men

Sustainable clothing for men

We’ve put together a roundup of stylish, comfortable, and sustainable clothing for men to make shopping for clothes a little easier.

How to declutter your home

We ask professional organiser Katherine Blackler about the benefits of decluttering and how to declutter your home one area at a time.

plastic-free party bags with children excitedly opening them

Plastic-free party bag ideas

Hosting children’s parties in the past has usually meant sending party guests home with a plastic bag filled with plastic toys and gifts. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Check out our plastic-free party bag ideas to make your next kids’ party a little greener.

A-Z of sustainability words & actions

Are you baffled by all the sustainability jargon out there, or just looking for some easy ideas to help you make some changes of your own, our sustainable action A-Z is the place to look!

Minimalism and the environment

Minimalism has been a trend for a long time now – but how does it fit in with living a more conscious, eco-friendly life?

an "eco bike" covered in moss and greenery, being held up by someone's hand

Eco bike care and maintenance

Riding a bike is a pretty eco-friendly transport choice. To take your bike’s green credentials up a notch further, read our eco bike tips!