This reusable packaging could help stop the massive amounts of e-commerce waste

If you order a sweater or t-shirt from the clothing brand Eliou , you don't have to get it in a plastic or cardboard mailer. Instead, you can choose to have it sent in a reusable package.

Wind-powered cargo vessel promises sustainable ocean shipping

Oceanbird is a massive sailing cargo ship designed to reinvent sustainable ocean shipping and reduce transatlantic travel emissions by 90%. The Swedish collaborative project is still in its sea trials stage but is poised for full-scale production by late 2021 and deliveries by 2024.

Dutch Firm Awarded a Juicy $55 Million to Make Lab-Grown Meat Commercial

We have all heard about alternatives to meat like steak made from peas and seaweed and those actually grown in a lab . Now, the company who grew the first burger in a laboratory seven years ago has received $55 million in funds to develop their advanced tech, according to Unilad .