Norway's electric car drive belies national reliance on fossil fuels

Norway became the first country to sell more electric cars than petrol, hybrid and diesel engines put together last year, new data shows, with battery electric vehicles (BEVs) accounting for two-thirds of sales in the final months of 2020.

EU Bans Exporting Unsorted Plastic Waste to Poorer Countries

EU will no longer allow exports of hazardous plastics to countries like Malaysia, pictured, as of Jan. 1, 2021. Mohd Rasfan / AFP / Getty Images By Jessica Corbett The European Union's executive branch on Tuesday announced new rules for plastic waste shipments-including a ban on some exports to poorer countries-that will take effect on January 1 as part of the bloc's Circular Economy Action Plan and European Green Deal .

This modular prefab office space offers sustainable solutions

London studio Boano Prišmontas is no stranger to projects that highlight sustainable workspaces . Once the pandemic hit, the need for affordable, easy-to-assemble remote work solutions became even more urgent. Enter "My Room in The Garden," a low-cost prefab home office that can fit a yard of any size and takes less than a day to install.

'Major Hurdle' Cleared As Youth Activists Advance Historic Climate Case

An unprecedented climate lawsuit brought by six Portuguese youths is to be fast-tracked at Europe's highest court, it was announced today. The European Court of Human Rights said the case, which accuses 33 European nations of violating the applicants' right to life by disregarding the climate emergency, would be granted priority status due to the "importance and urgency of the issues raised".

Are Concrete Blocks the Next Batteries?

Energy storage is an increasingly large problem with renewable energy . Energy Vault wants to solve it by storing extra energy as potential energy in concrete blocks. The company recently received a major investment from Japanese holding company SoftBank. That money will allow Energy Vault to build its first full-scale prototypes.

Study: Birds Are Linked to Happiness Levels

A new study demonstrates the link between birds and happiness. TorriPhoto / Getty Images A new study reveals that greater bird biodiversity brings greater joy to people, according to recent findings from the German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research. In fact, scientists concluded that conservation is just as important for human well-being as financial security.

"Ecocide" could soon be punishable by law

International lawyers are now working together to define the new crime of ecocide. By criminalizing ecosystem destruction, they hope to both punish and deter those who wantonly harm the earth. Swedish parliamentarians requested that the Stop Ecocide Foundation launch the project. It's timed to coincide with the 75 th anniversary of the start of 1945's Nuremberg war crimes trials.

The Ocean Cleanup launches sunglasses made from ocean plastic

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a floating island of waste located in the Pacific Ocean. Several organizations have taken part in cleaning up the area and transporting the garbage back to shore, where it is mostly hauled to landfills.

Iberdrola Aims for Green Hydrogen Leadership Role in Europe

Iberdrola's green hydrogen plans call for 800 megawatts of production, which is 20 percent of Spain's 2030 target. (Credit: Iberdrola) Spanish utility Iberdrola is aiming to become one of Europe's top green hydrogen producers with a 200-megawatt electrolyzer project and plans for 600 MW more.

This Norwegian Start-Up Wants To Build Houses Out of 100% Recycled Plastic

Artist's impression of an Othalo community, imagined by architect Julien De Smedt. Othalo By Victoria Masterson Using one of the world's problems to solve another is the philosophy behind a Norwegian start-up's mission to develop affordable housing from 100% recycled plastic .

'Strong and successful without men': Why two women spent a year in the Arctic

Aa Aa This year, Sunniva Sorby and Hilde Fålun Strøm became the first women to overwinter in the remote Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard without men. 140 kilometres away from their nearest neighbours, the pair spent the entirety of winter and several months beyond in a 20 square meter cabin without running water or electricity.

AirBird is a smart sensor that chirps to highlight indoor air pollution

GXN, the innovation arm of Danish architecture studio 3XN , has developed a twittering air-quality sensor that hopes to draw attention to the negative effects of air pollution within our homes and offices. Called AirBird , it takes the shape and colour of the bright yellow canaries that used to be brought into coal mines to warn workers of carbon monoxide and other toxic gases.

Zsuzsanna Horvath makes lamps from laser-cut plywood

Hungarian designer Zsuzsanna Horvath uses laser-cut birch plywood to make the Illan Pendant Light for Italian light company Luceplan. Horvath piqued Luceplan 's interest when she displayed a prototype of her design at Salone Satellite during last year's edition of Milan Furniture Fair.

New Conversion Kit Turns Your Classic Mini Cooper Into A Timeless EV

Fans of classic cars and restomods rejoice! There is now a fully realized and, more importantly, genuinely affordable kit to help you turn your classic Mini Cooper into a fast, clean, and modern EV. And, best of all, it is more true to the original Mini philosophy than you have any reason to hope for.

Raised circular cycling path gives 360-degree views of Belgian forest

Belgian studios BuroLandschap and De Gregorio & Partners have created a circular track called Cycling Through The Trees as part of the cycling network in the province of Limburg. As its name suggests, Cycling Through The Trees is a raised path that takes cyclists up to a height of 10 metres above the ground so that they can ride amongst the treetops.

This reusable packaging could help stop the massive amounts of e-commerce waste

If you order a sweater or t-shirt from the clothing brand Eliou , you don't have to get it in a plastic or cardboard mailer. Instead, you can choose to have it sent in a reusable package.

Wind-powered cargo vessel promises sustainable ocean shipping

Oceanbird is a massive sailing cargo ship designed to reinvent sustainable ocean shipping and reduce transatlantic travel emissions by 90%. The Swedish collaborative project is still in its sea trials stage but is poised for full-scale production by late 2021 and deliveries by 2024.

Dutch Firm Awarded a Juicy $55 Million to Make Lab-Grown Meat Commercial

We have all heard about alternatives to meat like steak made from peas and seaweed and those actually grown in a lab . Now, the company who grew the first burger in a laboratory seven years ago has received $55 million in funds to develop their advanced tech, according to Unilad .