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World's 'Longest Animal' Discovered in Australia's Deep Ocean

Underwater explorers have videoed a strange and record-breaking organism in a deep ocean canyon off Australia. The string-like creature, which was introduced to the internet by the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) on Twitter April 6, is estimated to have an outer ring 154 feet long - the size of an 11-story building - and a possible total length of more than 390 feet, Newsweek reported .

Australia's electricity predicted to be cheaper in 2023, helped by green power and lower gas prices

Electricity for consumers will be cheaper in 2023 as new generation capacity enters the power grid, including 1,667 megawatts of solar and 2,580 megawatts of wind, the Australian Energy Market Commission said. The AEMC's annual price assessment projected that power prices would decrease until 2021-22 and then potentially increase during 2022-23.

Plug Power Raises $1.5B to Tap Into Green Hydrogen Economy in Asia

Plug Power's partnership with SK Group will offer entry into Asian markets for green hydrogen for transport and power. (Credit: Plug Power) That also includes South Korea, whose 2019 " hydrogen economy " plan calls for 15 gigawatts of fuel cell production capacity by 2030 and for the country to become the world's top maker of hydrogen-powered cars by decade's end, with the commensurate refueling infrastructure to support their domestic use.

India Is Building the World's Largest Hybrid Renewable Energy 'Megapark'

India is setting its foundations for what it deems will be the world's largest hybrid renewable energy park. The megapark is set to produce a whopping 30 gigawatts of electricity, reported Agence France Presse (AFP). The country's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, laid the first foundation stone on Tuesday last week.

Chinese Factories Want to Make Climate-Friendly Air Conditioners. A US Company Is Blocking Them

Restrictive safety standards in the U.S. and elsewhere have limited production of propane based air conditioners to just 1 percent of total capacity from 18 assembly lines across China that were retooled to use propane with money from the United Nations.

Carbon net-zero design for Delhi Noida International Airport revealed

Architecture firms Nordic Office of Architecture , Grimshaw , Haptic and consultants STUP have won the competition to design a carbon-neutral terminal for Delhi Noida International Airport in India . Delhi Noida International Airport will be built in Jewar, 25 miles south of Delhi, by developer Zurich Airport International.

'Immense' potential of renewable energy could propel Australia to net zero 2050 target

Australia could become a carbon neutral economy by 2050 thanks to an abundance of cheap solar and wind energy but will need a more ambitious 2030 climate target to get there, according to a report from international climate policy experts.

India to 'exceed expectations' on climate: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses Climate Action Summit (CAS), on December 12, 2020. Twitter/@narendramodi 21% reduction in emissions, Modi tells Climate Action Summit India was not only on track to fulfilling its climate commitments but would go further, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the Climate Action Summit (CAS) on Saturday.

In Ghana, an Activist Forms a Coalition Against Coal

Goldman Environmental Prize recipient Chibeze Ezekiel helped block a coal-fired power plant To fight the establishment, sometimes a stealth attack is in order. Chibeze Ezekiel, an environmentalist in Accra, the capital of Ghana, deployed what he calls a "submarine approach" to thwart plans for a massive coal-fired plant.

Coral Reefs Are Still Growing Atolls Despite Sea Level Rise

Ailinglaplap Atoll, of which Jeh Island forms a part. Reinhard Dirscherl / The Image Bank / Getty Images Sea level rise caused by the climate crisis is considered a major threat to low-lying Pacific atolls. Despite this, however, some of these islands are actually growing. Now, a recent study published in Geophysical Research Letters Nov.

Herd opportunity: Hundreds of elephants return to DRC's Virunga

A group of about 580 savanna elephants recently returned to Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo after crossing over from Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. The reappearance of the elephants brings hope to a park that's been beset with civil unrest, violence, and poaching for decades.

Gayam Motor Works & Sokowatch Launch East Africa's First Commercial Electric Tuk-Tuks

There are more than 10 million informal shops in African cities. These are known as Spaza Shops in South Africa, Dukas in Tanzania, Tuck Shops in Zimbabwe, and Kiosks in Kenya. These shops sell over $180 billion worth of goods every year.

World's Most Remote Island Creates Largest Atlantic Ocean Sanctuary

In the South Atlantic Ocean, a tiny island of 250 people has made a significant contribution to global marine conservation by protecting a huge swath of ocean under its control. To reach Tristan da Cunha, a UK overseas territory, one must make a seven-day boat trip from South Africa, reported National Geographic .

A Philippine community sees life-saving payoffs from restoring its mangroves

For more than 30 years, a community in the central Philippines has been actively involved in reforesting and protecting a mangrove site, which has expanded from 50 hectares to 220 hectares (124 acres to 544 acres). Their efforts have resulted in the successful transformation of a once-barren mudflat into one of the few remaining large patches of mangrove forests in the country.

New Zealand couple shuns developers to give 900 hectares of land to nation

A New Zealand farming family has gifted 900 hectares of pristine land by the edge of Lake Wakatipu to the crown, saying it is "the right thing to do". The stretch of land at the foot of the Remarkables range will become open to everyone in 2022, after being handed over to the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust for "the benefit and enjoyment of all New Zealanders".

Australian researchers find native grasses could be grown for mass consumption

Native grasses could be grown for mass consumption, a one-year feasibility study has found, after researchers tested 15 different species "from paddock to plate" in north-west New South Wales . Native millet, or panicum, turned out to be the best all-rounder: easy to grow and harvest, easy to turn into flour and "significantly more nutritious" than wheat, lead researcher Dr Angela Pattison from the University of Sydney said.

Study shows Latin America twice as rich in plant species as tropical Africa

Chalybea brevipedunculata from the remote Cordillera del Cóndor in Eastern Ecuador. Credit: David Neill Latin America is more than twice as rich in plant species as tropical Africa and is home to a third of the world's biodiversity, a new paper published today in Science Advances confirms. While it has long been understood that Latin America is richer in plant species than tropical Africa, the paper quantifies that difference for the first time by providing a precise number of vascular plant species in the Afrotropical Region and Latin America.

Green shipping will revolutionise shipping industry in Asia

green shipping Moving towards more environmentally friendly ― or green shipping ― is necessary. However, it is a formidable challenge, especially in our continent Asia, which accounts for the bulk of global shipping and port operations. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions ― and other negative externalities of the shipping activities.