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Australian researchers find native grasses could be grown for mass consumption

Native grasses could be grown for mass consumption, a one-year feasibility study has found, after researchers tested 15 different species "from paddock to plate" in north-west New South Wales . Native millet, or panicum, turned out to be the best all-rounder: easy to grow and harvest, easy to turn into flour and "significantly more nutritious" than wheat, lead researcher Dr Angela Pattison from the University of Sydney said.

Study shows Latin America twice as rich in plant species as tropical Africa

Chalybea brevipedunculata from the remote Cordillera del Cóndor in Eastern Ecuador. Credit: David Neill Latin America is more than twice as rich in plant species as tropical Africa and is home to a third of the world's biodiversity, a new paper published today in Science Advances confirms. While it has long been understood that Latin America is richer in plant species than tropical Africa, the paper quantifies that difference for the first time by providing a precise number of vascular plant species in the Afrotropical Region and Latin America.

Green shipping will revolutionise shipping industry in Asia

green shipping Moving towards more environmentally friendly ― or green shipping ― is necessary. However, it is a formidable challenge, especially in our continent Asia, which accounts for the bulk of global shipping and port operations. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions ― and other negative externalities of the shipping activities.