Katie writes and manages Ailuna’s web and blog content. She has always loved writing, and spent 15 years in a commercial capacity in the broadcast industry. When she set up her own copywriting business in 2018 she decided to focus on her main passions of sustainability and plant-based living, so Ailuna is the perfect fit.

When Katie isn’t working, she writes her own eco and vegan blog, and also loves creating and sharing vegan food on social media. Katie enjoys cycling and although she doesn’t get as much time to cycle as she did before her children were born, she once rode from Southampton to Aston Villa for charity. If this wasn’t hard enough in itself, she and a few other members of the group taking part got lost and accidentally added an extra 30 miles to the ride

In 2019, Katie and her husband sold their house in Surrey and everything in it, to take their two young children on a 9 month round the world trip. They travelled to Canada and the USA, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius and France before coming back to the UK to settle in the beautiful New Forest in Hampshire. Even though travelling with young children was tough at times, it was the best thing they have ever done as a family.

In an effort to live more sustainably, Katie has vowed not to buy any more plastic toys for her children and thinks carefully about everything they buy as a family now they’re back home. The whole family has been vegan for nearly 3 years and Katie is also trying to grow her own food, inspired by Ailuna co-founder Helene and her amazing kitchen garden. She has just spotted a new refill station in one of her local supermarkets so will be trying that out as soon as possible.

If Katie had the power to make one big change for the planet, she would create clean, green fuel for all modes of transport, including the aviation industry.