Hailing from the town of San Luis Obispo in California, Linnea works alongside Gemma and Rosie, researching, creating, and testing the content that makes the Ailuna app unique.

Linnea first became really interested in sustainability in college, where she is studying for a degree in Business, concentrating on consumer packaging and sustainable environments. One of her main focuses is studying how to minimise packaging whilst still protecting products where needed, as well as researching sustainable packaging materials and methods to make them as low-impact as possible.

Describing herself as organised, compassionate and grounded, Linnea enjoys getting out into nature and making the most of California’s beautiful scenery and hiking trails.

She also enjoys playing board games and is currently trying to grow a sunflower. This is her third attempt, after killing the first two, so we all have our fingers crossed this one will make it!

Linnea is always seeking to learn more about living more sustainably, and not just at college. As she lives in an area that is prone to regular water shortages, she has always been aware of her own water consumption. She also minimises food waste and cooks with her food scraps as much as possible, and cycles rather than driving whenever possible. 

If Linnea could make one big change to make the world a better place, she would provide businesses with incentives to be more sustainable. She says she believes in the power of individuals to help drive huge change, with the choices they make as consumers. But to incentivise big business owners to really look at the way they operate by becoming B Corps, being fair trade and other initiatives would further help efforts to change the world.