Sedbergh Lemongrass Soap Bar


Lemongrass soap has a fresh citrus smell. For years it’s been Sedbergh’s most popular soap.

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Lemongrass soap has a fresh citrus smell. As with all of our soaps, it has been made by hand using pure essential oil.

We have then added dried lemongrass for that extra twist. Lemongrass is really fresh; it is our top-selling bar and also the same type of soap we supply to some of the best hotels in the country.

A firm favorite with men as well as women.

Hand cut. Minimum weight 125 grams.


All of Sedbergh Soap Company’s soaps are suitable for sensitive skin.

But what does this actually mean? Here, in the company’s owner and founder, Dorthe Malykke Pratt’s own words:

“For some it means growing up with the daily pain and anguish of red inflamed eczema and living with the condition every day, like me. And for others it means their skin feels a little tight in cold wet weather or itchy after a shower with their usual brand of shower gel or soap.

The market is full of products which are liberally branded ‘suitable for sensitive skin’ but how suitable does that really make them for your skin or any other sensitive skin? Most of the time we don’t find out until we try it, and try another and another….which is what I did before I started making my own.

As the first products I made were only intended for my own use, it meant that everything I created had to be tested extensively on my own skin to make sure that they were good for me and my very severe eczema. This approach remains the absolute corner stone of the business today. Our range of products has grown to over 120, and keeps growing, but every single new product is still tested on my own skin (and we DON’T test on animals) before they are released for general production and sale to the public. If it doesn’t make the grade – it doesn’t make it out of our lab; it is that simple.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU:  We will only ever make and sell products, which I can use on my own skin”

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