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Trees give us so many things: shelter, building materials, food and even the air we breathe! To celebrate 45 years of The Tree Council’s National Tree Week (which runs from 28th November until 6th December in 2020), we’ve put together a quiz to test how well you know your trees.

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How many of these trees can you name by looking at their leaves, berries, flowers or bark?

Which tree do these trunks belong to?

1. Silver birch
2. Larch
3. Hazel
4. Copper beech

Which tree do these beautiful pink flowers and orange fruits appear on each autumn?

1. Rowan
2. European Spindle
3. Wayfaring tree
4. Western red cedar

These spiky green leaves are from which tree?

1. Monkey Puzzle
2. Scots Pine
3. Silver birch
4. Douglas fir

Which tree do these leaves belong to?

1. Chestnut
2. Beech
3. Oak
4. Birch

These dangly things are known as earrings and are well-known for triggering hayfever. Which tree are they from?

1. Willow
2. Downy birch
3. Alder
4. Ash

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Which tree is this?

1. Scots Pine
2. Lawson Cypress
3. Sweet Chestnut
4. Douglas Fir

Can you name the tree that these seeds come from?

1. Juniper
2. Hornbeam
3. Elm
4. Sycamore

A sign that autumn is coming - which tree do these leaves grow on?

1. Oak
2. Horse Chestnut
3. Bramley Apple
4. Dogwood

Which tree do these red berries belong to?

1. Rowan
2. Cranberry
3. Poplar
4. Holly

This tree is less common these days due to disease sweeping through them. Do you know what it is?

1. Ash
2. Elm
3. Cedar
4. Yew

These flowers can be seen around the UK in springtime. Which tree do they grow on?

1. Hawthorn
2. Plane
3. Elder
4. Poplar

These leaves and seeds are from which tree?

1. London Plane
2. Ash
3. Aspen
4. Maple

Possibly the most flammable tree in the world, but with antiseptic properties. What is this tree?

1. Pine
2. Eucalyptus
3. Aloe
4. Buckthorn

Which tree do these berries grow on?

1. Juniper
2. Blueberry
3. Cherry
4. Holly

Do you recognise the base and bark of this beautiful tree? (GS photo)

1. Giant Sequoia
2. English Oak
3. Coast Redwood
4. Black Pine

All 15 questions completed!

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Take the Ailuna tree quiz

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