What are dares? And why a shop?

The purpose of our shop is to suggest products which can help build new habits.
They are products we have selected to support the dares in our mobile app.
Read about them here, download Ailuna – and start taking dares!

At Ailuna, we believe in only buying what we need.

So whilst these products are really lovely and tempting, please don’t buy one unless there isn’t a more sustainable option, like upcycling something you already have – or buying second-hand.

Ailuna Dare Starter Kits

Shampoo bar dare information and tips

This page will provide you more information on how to kick-start your new solid shampoo habit.

A white and yellow box sits on a white table, containing a pink mentrual cup, a reusable sanitary pad and a small pink pot

Greener periods dare information and tips

This page contains lots of information and super-easy tips to make the switch as simple as possible for you.

light bulb

Lights off dare information and tips

We’re so happy you’ve decided to try to reduce your energy use by switching your lights off!

dopper glass bottle next to a brown satchel on a folded scarf

Refillable water bottle dare information and tips

Thank you for taking on the refillable bottle dare! We are here to give you some tips and hints to make sure your brand new habit sticks.

Reusable cup dare information and tips

We’re so happy you’ve decided to ditch single-use drinks cups and start a brand new, eco-friendly habit.

Reusable wipes dare information and tips

We’re so excited you’re taking on this dare to ditch disposable face wipes forever!

8 bare lightbulbs hanging in a dark space

The Ailuna Lights Off Dare Bulb Chart!

Well, I’ve discovered that you are never too old for a bit of household rivalry so to help your family (or housemates!) remember the switches, why not start a bulb chart!

yellow, blue, red and green waste bins lined up against a wall

Waste check dare information and tips

Not sure what a waste check is or how to do one? You’re not alone! The main goal with performing a waste check is to raise your awareness of what types of rubbish you produce in your everyday life.

Find Dare specific Starter kits

Ailuna’s dares are designed to be fun, easy to follow and full of guidance and ideas to help you along the way. If you’ve taken an Ailuna dare and you’re looking for an easy way to grab the supplies you need to succeed, have a browse of our range of sustainable products. Or pick up a dare starter kit to get everything you need to get started delivered to your door.

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